> Rocky Mountain House Search & Rescue

What We Do...

Rocky Search and Rescue, as with most other Search and Rescue Groups, utilizes a variety of resources and skills to accomplish our goals... 

Mountain Rescue

Our Mountain Rescue Team is a dedicated group of highly trained individuals who are fully accredited with the Mountain Rescue Association...

About Us

Our group accepts membership of physically fit men and women who are at least 18 years of age and who have experience and skills in the outdoors...


Edward Van Heeren
• E-mail: president@rockysar.com

Vice President
Doug Ritchi
e • E-mail: vicepresident@rockysar.com

Don Livingston
• E-mail: treasurer@rockysar.com

Jayne Larsen
• E-mail: secretary@rockysar.com

Director - At Large
Ernst Bergmann
• E-mail: membership@rockysar.com

Director - Training
Joel Barrett
• Email: training@rockysar.com

Director - Membership
Lee Friesen
• Email: membership@rockysar.com

Director - Special Events
Corey Rasmussen • special-events@rockysar.com

Director - Fundraising
Daniel Sweeting • fundraising@rockysar.com

Director - Transportation
Stephen Shenfield
• E-mail: transportation@rockysar.com

MRT Team Leader
Ernst Bergmann• E-mail: mrt@rockysar.com

Adventure Smart Program Liaison
Ken Charlton • E-mail: adventuresmart@rockysar.com


Questions, Concerns or Feedback: Email: secretary@rockysar.com